Compostable and
Hemp Resin Plastics

At Green World, we custom manufacture raw hemp-filled polymers for all of your product and packaging needs. Our compostable and hemp resin is more earth-friendly, sustainable, and is offered at a comparable price to our fossil fuel-based counterparts. Green World products feature significant improvements in CO2 sequestration, use renewable sustainable materials, and are compostable. Are you ready to make a difference by switching to a greener, more eco-friendly option?

Green World Hemp Resin


  • Sustainable.
  • Biodegradable (takes up to a maximum of 6 months to completely decompose); by contrast, fossil-fuel-based plastic takes up to 1000 years to decompose.
  • Affordable — it is competitively priced against other bio and specialty resins
  • Reduction of CO2 and consumer waste (immediately positive)!
  • 10-15% lighter than other filled plastics.
  • Hemp resin has a tensile strength akin to that of conventional fiberglass composites.
  • Malleated polypropylene (MAPP) composites, fortified with hemp fibers, significantly improved stress-enduring properties compared to conventional fiberglass composites.
  • Solves an Industrial waste problem.

custom products and compounding

Do you need a custom, sustainable product designed and manufactured to your needs? At Green World, we have the expertise right on-hand to not only design your unique product, but to also manufacture your biopolymer to meet your specific business requirements. We offer a full suite of customized processing and packaging to create materials unique to you. Hemp resin offers product manufacturing to include regulation-friendly packaging, durables, containers, and many other plastic products.

If you are looking for a manufacturer that have worked with a variety of composable resins or custom formulation, chances are we are the team for you.

Get in touch with us to see what we can customize for you!

Green World Hemp Resin
Made in The USA

Made in USA

100% proudly made in the USA, factory-direct, quality packaging.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Recyclable polypropylene products that use less plastic.

BPA Free

BPA Free

Made from FDA-Certified, food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable materials.

Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant

US 16 CFR 1700.20 Certified, child-resistant, resealable packaging.